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9-Speed Stainless Steel Juice Extractor

In today’s fast paced world one needs a juicer that is efficient, time-saving and capable of juicing fruits or vegetables. On January 8, 2011, Oklife Juice Extractor was featured in The Wall Street Journal Test Kitchen: Juicer section. In the journal where different juicers were reviewed, The Wall Street Journal loved the fact that Oklife Juicer is easy to clean.Oklife Juice Extractor comes with multi speed options that allow 9 variable speeds. The speed knob gives you the flexibility to control the 9 speed juicing power. You can select the desired speeds for juicing soft fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, grapes (speed levels 1 to 3), medium hard fruits and veggies such as cucumber, melon, peeled oranges (speed levels 4 to 7) and hard fruits and vegetables such as carrots, beets and apple (speed levels 8 to 9). The Juicer’s powerful 800 watt motor speed spins up to 17000 rpm for an exceptional high extraction rate of soft, medium and hard fruits and veggies in just seconds.

Oklife Juice Extractor

Oklife Juice Extractor is designed for durability; the juicer body, juicer container housing and micromesh filter blade are made with quality Stainless Steel. In addition, the juice extractor has a wide feed chute, big enough to put in whole apple or even multiple carrots, thereby reducing juicing time to just seconds. With Oklife Juice Extractor, you can try different, delicious recipes throughout the whole day without getting tired.

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